S/3 Ad's & promotion material.

Here is an overview of some IBM System/3 ad's.

This serie of 4 ad's was published in November 1969.

Sleeping man in bed    Old men checking stock    Admin staff looking desperate    Men working late behind desk

Ad's published August & November 1969.

Men standing besides S/3.          IBM ad S/3 1969         Rubber      IBM S/3 ad

Ad's round 1975.

Title: IBM makes it small.     Maysteel ad         Growth

A later ad with a S/3 model 15 operator terminal and panel.

IBM S/3 ad        Italien ad    German IBM ad

Some IBM S/3 promotion material:

Ashtree     IBM Ashtray   Coasters

Some IBM S/3 related ad's found on Google News:

IBM ad        Ad IBM        IBM ad

IBM ad        IBM ad        IBM ad        S/3 card system for sale ad 1972

Interresting to read reactions on the IBM S/3 announcement in 1969:

Comments on IBM S/3      IBM announcement article

Nice to see what (according to Paul Rand) is not a correct IBM logo with System/3 punch holes.
(Second from the left)
Example of not IBM logo Paul Rand