S/3 Promotion movie

I was lucky to lay my hands on the original A and B rolls 16 mm promotion movie made by Charisma Productions for IBM.
The oldest date entry of cleaning record is 16th of May 1969. The red/yellow color of the trees in movie indicate that the movie is probably shot in the autumn of 1968.
Here you can see the restored version:  Part 1 and Part 2

Here are some nice still of it.

S/3 and three sitting men.   Prototype CPU

Some observations:
1- Some scenes in the movie show a early model of the 5444 drive while a this is a model 10 card system.
2- The buttons/lights arrangement in the lower right "System Control" panel differs from the production version:
 On the CPU in this movie it is:                   
See also this ealy CPU picture:
                System Controls
Production version of the "System Controls" arrangement is as follows:
Anyone any idea why this was changed ?

3- The product name "S/3" is not printed on the black bar on top of the operator panel.
4- A small operator panel on the left hand side of the 5203 printer. (not present in production version.)
5- Right of the four dail switches on the operator panel is a red indicator.
   In the production version this is either a grey dummy or the blue BSCA STEP button or a SIOC light.