S/3 Software and Programs

Here are some examples of RPG and assembler programs for the IBM System/3.

$@SPV1  -  Assembly listing of the model 10 SCP 'nucleus'
HelloWord  -  Macro, assembly, linkage-edit and run of  'Hello world' program.
TrigTables  -   RPG compilation and run.
PowerOfTwo  -  RPG compilations and run.
M15-SG  -  Model 15B system generation listing.
M15-CCP  -  Model 15 Communication Control Program listing.
M15D-CCPgen - Model 15D Communication Control Program generation listing.

IBM supported the original model 10 with new System Control Program (SCP).
It support two configurations: a Card oriented and a Disk oriented systems.  Link here for the IBM specifications of the SCP.

The program number of the Card SCP was 5701-SC1 (avail. March 1970) and of the Disk SCP 5702-SC1 (avail December 1970).

Below is an overview all the software available for the System/3.    Here is an overview of some of the S/3  PRPQ software.

Some interesting information from the IBM Service For Consultants software manuals from 1983: part 1 & part 2 and prices,.   

Table with an overview of all IBM software.