Don's Story

When the System/3 was introduced I was an FE Instructor in San Jose. Several of us went to Rochester to learn the S/3.
I only was trained (and taught) the 5496 Data Recorder and the 5486 Card Sorter.
I do remember the System/3 was successful and put Rochester on the map.

A friend of mine was a development manager in Rochester but I am not sure if he was there for the S/3.
His nane is Brian Utley. Worked with him in SF as CE’s.

When the San Jose Ed Center closed I moved to LA. When in LA I was teaching the S/3 data recorder
and sorter. We ran a special class for 4 people from Pango Pango. They were getting a S/3 in Pango Pango
and as the closest IBM office was in Hawaii they train locals on the S/3.
I went to Rochester in 1977 and work in the plant IS department till I retired.