Hans Story

My first contact with IBM equipment was the IBM System/3 model 10.
This system was equiped with a 20 Mb disk unit, a MFCU (Multifunction 96-column card unit) and a IBM 5203 system printer.
I like creative working, so I mostly enjoyed programming.  

In the beginning I used the paper H, F, I, C, and D (Header-, File-, Input, Calculation and Output) specs sheets.
After writing the sheets they where given our punch typists, who punched it all on 96-column punch cards.
The punched cards were then feed through the MFCU (Multifunction Card Unit) and compiled.
The model 10 was later upgraded to a model 15D, with a 3277-1 display console and removable 3340 drives.
When the IBM 3277 display terminals where introduced and SEU (Source Entry Utility) became available,
the paper RPG specs sheets where not longer used.

I have developed the following applications for my employer:
- Financial administration
- Point of Sale Administration (about 80 offices)
- Purchase and stock management head office and branches
- Branch and customer delivery
- Technical service administration
- Insurance

I liked the most the applications created on System/3 model 15D under PRUF (Program Request Under Format).
This enabled me to make advanced display applications with an amazing response time.
Our IBM technicians (Ruud Glass and Aart Volmer) were very excited about this.

Hans S.