Interrupt0 Story

The stage:

It was October 1969.  Programmers were working extremely hard and long hours. Irritated wives were left at home alone watching babies.
Tensions were high. Their work environment was not always good.

An adversarial group of 'testors' enjoyed making things more difficult. The PTR referenced was written on my code for handling interrupt 0 (the console.)
The testor hit the IPL button to start the system and immediately starting hammering the adjacent Interrupt key on the console.
The code was not ready. The system hung!
To reset or restart the system, the IPL button had to be hit again! Well, that was unacceptable to this testor. He wrote the PTR and submitted it.

The answer I wrote (on third shift) and sent back to Rod providing copies to our management stated I found the error and fixed the problem and
stated that I expected the author probably would next ask for a beer with the foam on the bottom!
An illustration was provided! The following afternoon, I returned to work to find anxious, nervous managers, but amused programmers and testors!
Tensions had been lowered somewhat.
Those were the days!

Bob L.