Jan's Story

I had to make an application for a brokerage with a S/3 model 6 which would stand at a fair. The program was for calculation of the monthly installments of a mortgage
(Entries mortgage amount, term and interest rate, and then program would calculate the monthly payments).
Obviously the program was in RPG.  The program did not fit in the memory size of the computer of only 8 kb(!). 
I have spend days and nights sitting tinkering to get it within the memory boundaries.
Upgrading the memory was not an option, or too expensive, I worked then for a software house, and apparently the cost of my hours were less than the memory expansion.

According to me the S/3 discs were 1.25 MB (100 tracks), but they could be made 2.5 MB (200 tracks) if something (a jumper) was changed in the read-write unit of the computer.
But that would meant a substantial increase in computer rental / lease. So you cut back on data storage. Here started the millennium bug/problem.

J. Visser.