Wanted for this website

I am still missing allot of information of the IBM System/3..

Don't hesitate to email me (ibmsystem3 at hccnet dot nl)  if you have anything of the IBM System/3.
Below are my most wanted...

- More history back ground of the S/3 development and during S/3 production.

- Looking for so-called PMOL files of IBM System/3 hardware and software like this one. (Printed, scanned or digital)

- IBM announcement letters of S/3 hardware or software.

- Press articles of the IBM S/3, specially the ones published just after the IBM announcement.

- Pictures taken during of the IBM System/3 production in Rochester, Boca Raton or Vimercate like this one.

- Nice anecdotes of the S/3.

- Any information of remaining IBM S/3's on this globe which are not all ready listed here.

- IBM manuals of the SCP and RPG card system. (Including a SCP carddeck would be great :-)