S/3 Blog webpage

11 January 2023
Input and correction received from Jaume (Spain)
Added history of the system in
Cáceres  (Thanks Jaume)

09 November 2022

Third visit at the Dansk Computer Museum restoring their IBM 5415 model 15D
to operational status.  Here is the project blog.
Corrections made in hardware overview (Thanks Chris Birk)
Sorted the
remaining list by CPU model.

25 October 2022
Added a model 10 (in
Diessenhofen, Switzerland) to the remaining list.

28 March 2021
Added a nice model 15 (in Madrid) to the
remaining list.

06 March 2021
Update remaining System/3 list.
(email ConnorK, Ryan Schiff and Mike Thompson)

21 April 2019
Added three IBM 360/370 to the
remaining list.

16 December 2017
Another IBM System/3 discovered.
Looks it is a diskless 5410C.
See the remaining list.  
(thanks Kurt for saving this one)

06 Januari 2017
Anacdotes added from Jan Visser.

06 September 2016
Greg  Engelstad has written a System/3 emulater in C#.
See: GitHub

23 August 2015
Added some pictures of an IBM 3976-3 modem.

27 June 2015
Spent a great days together with Jochen 
restoring an IBM 5410 (model 10).
Here is the project blog.

The system is assembled again, but it won't power-up (-4V PSU problem) 

06 June 2015
An 5412 with 3340 disk drive and 3411 tape unit saved from the scrapper.
See the remaining list
(thanks Johannes for spotting this one)

09 April 2015
I was lucky to buy IBM 3277 model 1 terminal.
It is working, in very good state and complete with power cord.

16 November 1014
IBM System/3 model 8 with on auction on eBay US.
The owner decided to keep if for a while in storage.

08 October 2014
I compiled a invetory list of remaining IBM System/360 & 370's.

25 - 27 September 2011
Second visit of two days at the
Dansk Computer Museum restoring an IBM 5415 model 15.
Here is the project blog.
The 3340 drives are still not operational due to a missing terminator card.

17 May 2014
Won on eBay a System/3 Basic Storage Module (BSM). A 8kByte unit without any logic
cards or documentation, but still worth the costs. pic1, pic2
Hopefully this module still contains an image of the card SCP (5701-SC1).
It will be a real challange to dump its contents to a PC file.

11 September 2013
Here are some pictures of Glenn's model 6.
He is now  trying to get the system up and running again.

8 August 2013
The new owner of the IBM system/3 auctioned on eBay is Glenn Henry.
He was the manager of a software package "S/3 Mod BASIC" for the model 6.
Eventually it can be seen on: http://www.glennsmuseum.com/
He has plans make this model 6 operational again.

19 July 2013
A very nice System/3 model 6 with 5440 diskpacks was auctioned on eBay.

4 July 2013
Received a very nice S/3 (nicknamed the Red Baron) anacdote from Jeff.
Thanks !

2 Juni 2013
Found another 2 remaining system/3's.
See the remaining list.

19 May 2013
Added information from the IBM Servce for Consultants manual 1983.
See the software page.

30 April 2013
Received a story from Günter Majewski
. Thanks.

17 February 2013
Updated the System/3 model 10 emulator. See http://ibmsystem3.nl/emulators.html

09 February 2013
Received an email from Brain Gilbert.  He wrote a Standards Manual piecemeal during
his career in computing as programmer/analyst/DP Manager and consultant.

In 1975 it was printed as a small book for promotional purposes. He has now published it
on Amazon
at little cost.
Search on your local Amazon for the title 'Data Processing Standards Tailored for IBM System/3'

28 Oktober 2012
Added a S/3 annoucement article and "incorrect" accourding to Paul Rand.
Added a IBM System/3 publication.
06 September 2012
Added two System/3 to the remaining list, one found in Milano, Italy and
the other in Melbourne, Australia.

31 August 2012
Received some pictures (pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4) from Jochen's System/3 in Trier.
Nice restauration project.

27 August 2012
Dutch Owen (creater of the Model 10 emulator) started to enhance my model 15B emu.
The emulator runs now with SIMH 3.7
His goal is to get CCP running in a 15D with TN3270 socket connection.

11 June 2012
Received two nice pictures from Jenny of a typical Dutch computerroom in the 70's and
a nice anakdote.

25 May 2012
A lot of information and pictures received from members of the System/3 development team.
Thanks !
Added two new user stories.

15 February 2012
Added two saved System/3 to the remaining list, both located in Europe: Spain and Germany.

23 - 27 May 2011
Spent five great days at the
Dansk Computer Museum restoring an IBM 5415 model 15
to operational status.  Here is the project blog.
The CPU is now running and can be IPL-ed from the attached 3741.  
There was not enough time to repair  the IBM 3340.  This has to wait  for my next visit
to the museum.  

11 April 2011
Added background information of  BASIC on the model 6 received from Glenn Henry.  Thanks !
20 March 2011
Added two IBM System/3 ad's found on eBay

02 Oktober 2010
Received a picture from Marcel Stolz of the remaining S/3 in Bern. Thanks !
Added to the remaing page.

29 July 2010

Received some nice S/3 model pictures from Vin Scimone. Thanks !
27 July 2010
Received an email from Alessandro Zuech
"I have discovered more than 15 years ago one fully expanded Model 10, including 5445 external disks and the 1403 printer.
Unfortunately, during years some parts of the system where lost (external disk, printer and printer controller)."
Hopefully more details and pictures will follow.

17 July 2010
Added Greg's extensive memories of the IBM System/3.  Thanks !
Read here.

14 May 2010
Received an email from Ralf Buelow, Zentrum für Kultur- und Wissenschaftskommunikation
Kiel, Germany (
They have an IBM 5415 and 3741 from the Bitburger Pils brewery in Bitburg.

08 May 2010
Added some RPG and assembler program listings to the software page.
02 May 2010
Jørgen Bøgvald emailed me that he found an IBM system/3 at the Dansk computer museum
which was not listed on my Remaining System page.  See picture.  
05 April 2010
Started a project to interface a IBM 5496 with a PC.
I can now read and transfer 96 column cards to PC files,
not only source data but also IPL cards.  See demo.
Please contact me if you have IBM 96 columns which you would to read .
Added on Youtube a movie of the model 15 console in action. 

25 February 2010
Added some IBM System/3 related ad's found on Google-News.
See: IBM ad's

30 Oktober 2009
My System/3 model 15B has a new home in Germany.
The new owner is Alex Brenner.

08 July 2009
Updated remaining systems web page after receiving an email from Rochester:
"The System/3 is no longer on display with the other machines that are
displayed at the site."
IBM published a small article on their internal website: "System/3 turns 40"     

22 June 2009
Added history of Rochester and an overview of S/3 in use by the Texas  Local Goverment in 1976.
Updated remaining system list.

15 June 2009
Added a webpage with IBM S/3 ad's and promotion material.

13 June 2009
Added webpage IBM S/3 Publications, books & manuals.
Added some IBM internal publications (thanks Dick)

08 June 2009
Full length restored S/3 promotion movie
with sound uploaded on YouTube:  Part 1 and Part 2.

07 June 2009
Email from Yves, a model 12 has surfaced in France and has been secured by Frederic Bossu.

27 May 2009
Mike's model 10 is up and running again.  See YouTube.

22 May 2009
Received development team picture with names. Thanks Ralph, Dick, Bob !

17 May 2009
Added Dick Trachy contribution (many thanks) to the history page.
Added a very nice development team picture.

29 Apr 2009
A new version of the S/3 SIMH emulator is uploaded and can be found here.
It has support to IPL stand-alone programs from the MFCU and enhancements to
run CCP.

24 Apr 2009
Received an email from Gil Carrick. His museum has secured two S/3.
A model 8(!) and a model 10. Pictures will follow. 

18 Apr 2009

Added a comprehensive overview of all software and PRPQ available for the S/3.

08 Apr 2009
Mike Ross has bought the below mentioned system.
Added a 5410, 5412, 5415 stored at CHM to the remaining list

27 Mar 2009
Received an email from Brandon Karr. Her family has somewhere in the USA a complete model 10 stored.

10 Jan 2009
Found another surviving System/3 on the internet: Olmsted County Historical Society Museum in Rochester, Minnesota
Looks like a basic model 10.

29 Dec 2008
Added a picture column to the remaining  systems webpage
28 Dec 2008
Added a link to Youtube: my model 10 printing some assemble lines.
Added a Model 10 found after some websearch  in Australia.
See: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=53169

26 Dec 2008
Added a page with some model 10 detail information and this blog page..
Re-arranged overview page.

24 Dec 2008
Received an email from Marcel Stolz of the University of Bern, Switzerland that they have an IBM system/3
which was not listed on my Remaining System page.
"Our IT group is planning to recompose the whole system in a place accessable to public an I will be
glad to inform you about the exact state of the machine, as soon as I will know more."
Thanks Marcel.