S/3 Stories

Here are some stories from people who in the past have worked with the IBM System/3.

Greg  Engelstad's story:
Memories (1970 - 2010)

Jørgen Bøgvald's stories:
Hacking $MAINT utility
Games on the System/3
IBM 5444 disk drives

Dave's story  (4000 card RPG compiler)

Don's story  (IBM CE 5496 & 5486)

Paul's story  (Rio de Janeiro)

Bob's story  (IBM lab anacdote)

Hans story  (S/3 experiences)

Jenny's story  (Warm stroopwafels)

Günter's story  (a few bytes short)

Jeff's story  (The Red Baron.  "It saves core")

Jan's story
  (Too expensive)